Places you can visit in Pacific Palm for a great holiday experience

With the Mid North Coast observing Anzac Day on April 25, services and parades were reportedly held in the Pacific Palms, remembering all those who fought and died serving their country. In case you are planning a getaway or a trip in the next few weeks along the coast with a loved one, the following are a few suggestions for the Pacific Palms accommodation you can opt for when looking for the most romantic places to visit Down Under.

pacific palms accommodation

Palm Cove, QLD

Known for its beautiful sunrises, the beautiful tropical beachfront inspires a relaxed, carefree vibe along their peaceful reefs. The beaches here have significantly less crowd as well as noise. The tropical environment dotted with its own rainforest eco systems strikes a romantic balance between relaxing on the beach as well as outdoor adventures such as trekking. And what else, the relaxed coastal retreats like Pacific Palms accommodationoptions would make your trip even better.

Hunter Valley, NSW

With a month long Jazz festival starting on April 30, Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s best-known wine country regions. With grapes planted in the early 19th century, the region plays a pivotal role in Australia’s production of wine. A favored getaway for couples, Hunter Valley is easily accessible from Sydney and offers picturesque views, fire places, and cozy accommodations. You can plan a surprise hot air balloon ride or enjoy a private wine tasting picnic during the day time, while enjoying some of Australia’s best Jazz performers during the evening this month.

Boomerang Beach, NSW

At the other end of the NSW spectrum, Pacific Palms accommodation options such as picturesque resort villages are just perfect for a weekend getaway. Only a three-hour drive from Sydney, Boomerang Beach is ideal for couples looking for relief from the busy city life in an accommodation in Pacific Palms beach resorts. Depending on your weekend budget, one can choose any of the cheap Pacific Palms accommodation options as all offer the best facilities and activities for couples. Overlooking some spectacular views such as lush rainforests, you can take your loved one for off the beat trails and romantic walks from your accommodation Pacific Palms offers around the Boomerang Beach.

Southern Highlands, NSW

A favorite spot for environmentally conscious hipster couples, the rolling hills and little to none carbon footprint are what make the rolling hills and valleys of the Southern Highlands one of the best romantic retreats for young couples. Depending on the time of the year, you and your loved one can enjoy various fields of wild flowers, waterfalls and quiet lookout points while commemorating your relationship. Known for their warmth and amiability, the locals encourage exploration of the natural hills and relaxed rural vibes.

Daylesford, VIC

For bookish couples who appreciate space away from social obligations, Daylesford is dotted with parks and picturesque gardens. Famous for its clean waters, quiet spas and natural springs, you and your loved one can experience some much-needed pampering and rejuvenation in one of the many hot springs.


With these handy suggestions, you can block a weekend or a short vacation for some downtime with your loved one. You can visit websites like as these allow you to book in advance and maybe surprise your significant other with a trip they’ll always remember.